Environmental Sustainability

Integrating an Eco-friendlier Process to Your Business

Become more eco-conscious with your facility operations with the help of Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services, LLC. Count on us to provide you with sound advice on the environmental impact of your business.

Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services, LLC


Greenhouse Gas (GHG) and Sustainability Services

  • Determining GHG Applicability
  • Forming GHG Monitoring Plan and Preparation Procedures
  • Developing GHG Emissions Calculation for Annual Reporting
  • Auditing GHG Monitoring Plan and Procedures
  • Serving as an Authorized Agent for the Submission of Annual Reports to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • Offering GHG-Related Training

How We Can Help With Your Business’s Carbon Footprint

We offer to determine your company's carbon footprint by looking into your manufacturing, facilities, logistics, and other operational aspects. Our consultants can also develop a detailed database to track and monitor your business's GHG levels. They can then analyze this information to identify cost-effective opportunities, reducing energy and carbon emissions.

Additional Services

  • Developing a GHG Calculator for Your Industrial Sectors
  • Assessing Product Life Cycle Assessment
  • Determining corporate Carbon Footprint
  • Auditing and managing Industrial Energy Use
  • Calculating Carbon Offset Project Quantifications
  • Cultivating an Effective Sustainability Program
  • Analyzing Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Implementing, Managing, and Tracking Program Results

Explore Sustainability Opportunities

At Environmental Engineering & Consulting Services, LLC, we will be more than happy to help clients find the best green solutions to their particular needs. Our services include:

  • Keeping Track of Water Use Inventory
  • Benchmarking Against Industry Average
  • Exploring and Analyzing Water Efficiency Opportunities With the Best Value
  • Doing Energy Accounting From All Sources
  • Finding Chemical Use Reduction Possibilities
  • Developing Hazardous Waste Reduction Strategies
  • Discovering Volatile Organic Compound and Acid Emissions Reduction Opportunities

Talk to Our Expert Professionals

Let’s transform your company into an environmentally responsible firm. Get in touch with us for excellent green business consulting services. You can also give us a call at (602) 301-7095 and (602) 481-0502.